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At Appalachian Hammock we make real handcrafted hammocks for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're new to hammocking or a seasoned pro, we have the high-quality, handcrafted gear to get you off the ground for good.  

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Real Customer Feedback

We love getting feedback from the people who are out using AH gear. In this month's featured testimonial, Charles Ray explains his move to hammock camping AND why he chose Appalachian Hammock.

Charles Ray Hiking I am an avid backpacker and student of wilderness skills. I typically pack a lightweight tent because every ounce counts and in the end I want to be dry and happy. I just purchased your DL Custom hammock and Big-Sil tarp. Now, let me tell you why.

I spent this previous weekend (5/4/13 - 5/5/13) attending a weekend bushcraft course at KY River Bushcraft in Kentucky. The head instructor had your Big-Sil tarp along with your DL hammock set up in his backyard. I was setup sharing a tent with another friend of mine. If you look at Kentucky's weather over this past weekend you will see that we got absolutely drenched along with some high winds. The wind was there all day. The torrential downpour started at about 7pm on Saturday, lasted all through the night, and continued all day Sunday. I have looked at many brands of tarps and shelters over the years. I have never bought any of them because I just didn't think that they would work in some nasty sideways rain.

Once Saturday winded down we all headed to our shelters for the night. I asked the instructor, "Are you sure that tarp is gonna work with all this rain and wind?" He replied, "I'm not sure, but if it doesn't I'll just head inside. The house is only 20 feet away." When morning came I was half soaked in my tent as well as most of my gear. To my surprise, the instructor didn't have any problems and stayed dry all night. He stayed in his shelter when his house was right behind him. I can only assume that he was being completely honest.

In short, I was afforded the opportunity to see your products tested in the field under some nasty conditions. Keep up the good work. I would rather pay a little extra for an American product that does what it says opposed to a half priced knockoff that leaves me cold and wet.

- Charles Ray, DL Custom and Big-Sil owner

Wow! We'll even admit that we were blown away by this one. A big thanks goes out to Charles for taking time to write to us with this story. To hear more feedback on AH gear from actual customers, go to our main testimonials page.  

If you have any pics, stories, comments, and/or feedback about Appalachian Hammock, we'd love to hear from you as well. Send an email or visit our Contact us page and drop us a line.