Although all our hammocks are have been thoroughly tested in both development and field environments, you should always use caution when hanging in a camping hammock.  A quick list of DON'Ts:

DO NOT hang your hammock higher than you are willing to fall 

DO NOT hang your hammock over any sharp objects or bodies of water (e.g. rocks, rivers, etc.)

DO NOT exceed the recommended weight limit for your hammock 

DO NOT stand up in your hammock 

With those obvious ones out of the way, we also have to state that neither Appalachian Hammock LLC nor any of its component manufacturers are responsible for ANY injuries due to the use of their products.  This release of liability is independent of end-user negligence and judgement.  Each end-user assumes ALL risk in using any and all products and components sold by Appalachian Hammock LLC.  

Use a little common sense and be safe when using your new Appalachian Hammock!

Stay safe,

- AH