Above all else, the one thing we love most is receiving honest feedback from you, our Appalachian Hammock owners. After all, gathering useful knowledge and feedback on what works and doesn't work is how we created Appalachian Hammock in the first place. Here are a few of the responses we've gotten from owners of AH gear:


"I was looking at the ENO and the Grand Trunk when I just happened to come across your website. Just got my second Original AH today, and this one is just like the first one, Out-Freaking-Standing! Customer SERVICE is above and beyond."

- Scotty M., Original AH owner, Georgia, USA     

"We used the hammock at two different locations while in Utah. We loved it."

- Wendy R., Original AH owner, Alabama, USA     

"These guys' hammock is great! Handles my weight fine (over 300 lbs) and is large enough to lay cross ways so you can lay almost flat, instead of like a burrito. If you're looking for a hammock at a very comparable price, I would like to suggest you give one of these a try. Very happy with mine! Thanks!"

- Tree Rat, Original AH owner, USA     

"This feels like it's the type of hammock some users will wish they had bought. The Original Appalachian Hammock is LIGHT, STRONG, and COMFY. If that is what you want, I would strongly consider this hammock."

- Solanine, Original AH owner, Minnesota, USA     

"Just received my hammock and I LOVE IT!  I don't sag anymore!  Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround also."

Original AH owner, Missouri, USA 

"Got my hammock and surprise yesterday! Thanks for a stand up job."

- Original AH owner, Colorado Springs, CO 

"I love'em both.  I've taken one or the other camping twice now. Slept overnight in it once.  My son loves hanging out in one and I've had both of us in it at the same time (that's about 300lbs total).  The straps work well and I don't have any problems throwing one up quickly."

- George, Original AH owner, USA 


Thanks everyone! If you have a comment or suggestion of your own, we'd love to hear from you. Shoot us a message through the Contact Us page and we'll get back to you soon.